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Deep Abdominal & Colon Massage

What is Deep Abdominal Colon Massage?

It is a deep massage performed on the abdomen that aims to release trapped gasses and clear waste products and blockages. Abdominal massage works to open up the abdominal cavity and release tension in the fascia so that organs can lay in their natural places and trigger points can be softened and released which can help to reduce referred pain. Trigger points in the Rectus Abdominis and Abdominal Obliques can refer pain to the the back and upset the natural pace of the digestive system.

Deep Abdominal & Colon massage is good for:

Increasing the efficiency of the Colon Constipation Sluggish lazy bowel Bloating Trapped wind

Contraindications to Deep Abdominal & Colon Massage

Cancer Heart disorders Diabetes Type 1 DVT Embolism or Aneurysm During the acute (flare up phase) of an illness such as Diverticulitis, Colitis Skin disorders - Phlebitis, ulceration, open wounds Infections, colds, flu, chest infections Pregnancy & 6 weeks after the birth Fitted with an IDU or Coil Suffering from sever abdominal pain Abdominals hernias or enlarged spleen kidney disease Gastric Band or stomach bypass Advanced Cirrhosis M.E. & M.S. in the flare up phase Menstruation (can cause flooding) Haemophilia Ulcers Any undiagnosed lumps