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Deep Tissue Massage

With Vivienne Blackney, Emma Costantino & Maria Tennyson

Deep Tissue massage works using, thumbs, wrists, forearms and elbows to stretch out and release muscles that are shortened and tense. It helps to free up your body and improves flexibility.  Deep Tissue massage can be really firm with deep pressure or with a nice firm touch and relaxing. Tell us if the massage required to get rid or pain, sort out an injury or just for general tension. Each massage is different, and tailored to suit the individual.

Deep Tissue Massage is good for tackling:

Headaches and Migraines due to muscular tension in the neck Shoulder pain, tight aching, painful shoulders and back due to long hours spent at the computer or driving Lower back pain Knee pain Old Whiplash injuries Pain that feels like Sinus Pain but there’s no infection Sciatica Facial pain and symptoms of toothache even when your dentist says your teeth are fine Sore and painful heels/feet Numb fingers, unexpectedly dropping things, pain in the hands, fingers thumbs etc. Symptoms of Carpel Tunnel syndrome Hip pain Ankle pain.

After a Deep Tissue Massage

You may feel some soreness during or right after the massage, but you will feel like you have had a thorough massage and feel better than ever within a couple of days.

How Often should I have a Deep Tissue Massage?

It's important to be realistic about what one massage can achieve. Everyone is an individual and the amount of massage each person requires is different. Some people have a regular massage to keep on top of stiffness and pain ( massage MOT) due to posture, stress or working habits and this can vary from once a month, once every 6 or 8 weeks, to once a week or once a fortnight. For a sudden pain for example in the neck and shoulders after waking up with a stiff neck, one massage may be all that you need. Some people have a massage just when they feel everything is starting to tighten up again, just before it gets painful. It does vary and will depend on you and your body.