Vivienne Blackney Massage Therapist. Based at County Chiropractic Scott Business Park, Beacon Park Road, Beacon Park, Plymouth, PL2 2PQ.              Tel: 07905006678
Camomiles: Vivienne Blackney Massage Therapist : 07905006678


With Maria Tennyson

List of Facials

Mini Facials (cleanse exfoliation & moisturise) 15mins £10.00 Express Facial (cleanse exfoliation, mask & moisturise) 45mins £20.00 Deluxe Facial (cleanse exfoliation, massage, mask, hot towel & moisturise) 1 hour £30.00 Soothing eye treatment 15mins £8.00

Contraindications to Facials:

Viruses such as cold sores, colds, warts Bacterial infections such as Impetigo, boils, Conjunctivitis Fungal infections such as ringworm and Blepharitis Undiagnosed lumps or bumps Broken bones Any known sensitivity to products