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Massage and Hypertension

Heart conditions

with all types of heart conditions it is best to consult your G.P. as they will know you condition best and be able to decide whether a massage might benefit you or be a totally contraindicated.


Deep tissue massage for example can be painful and has been know to raise blood pressure during and straight after the massage. If your high blood pressure is caused or partially caused by constant background pain for example, lower back pain or neck and shoulder pain. Deep Tissue massage can help remove the pain and help to lower blood pressure. Other types of massage have also been noted to help reduce high blood pressure. Regular gentle relaxing treatments like Aromatherapy Massage Swedish Body Massage and Reflexology can actually help to lower blood pressure, by reducing the effects of stress. See: Other factors in high blood pressure are of course life style. How much exercise do you do and how is your diet?

A couple of great books to read on diet and nutrition are:

8 weeks to lower blood pressure” take the pressure off your heart without the use of perscription drugs. By Robert E Kowaskski Patric Holford’s New Optimum Nutrition bible