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About Lorraine Nutritional


A little information about my Nutritional Qualifications

Lorraine started her journey into Nutrition soon after the birth of her daughter. Having always carried too much weight faced with a prospect of living in the states for three years, she became nervous about gaining even more weight.  Totally confused by Nutrition, she thought that only calories counted. Then she embarked on a personal education programme to ensure she didn’t become another statistic of the western diet. In 2009 Lorraine took a couple of courses that introduced her to the concept of food and health and their relationship. Deciding that she was just scraping the surface of this vast topic, she embarked on a four year journey with the Institute of Optimum Nutrition to become a nutritional Therapist. A diploma from ION is a well recognised qualification in the field of Nutrition. She is also a member of Bant (British Association of Nutritional Therapists). Lorraine can help you to understand that your food choices could be the cornerstone of your heath.

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