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Contraindications to Massage

Conditions that prevent massage

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Did you know that some of these conditions can prevent you

having a massage?

Alcohol Massage cannot be performed on someone who has been drinking Drugs Massage cannot be performed on someone taking non prescription drugs Heart conditions, with all types of heart conditions it is best to consult your G.P. as they will know you condition best and be able to decide whether a massage might benefit you or be a totally contraindicated. Hypertension and massage Skin infections Skin infections are a total no no to having a massage, as they are highly contagious and can be spread by touch. o This would be conditions like Impetigo; Symptoms of Impetigo o Ringworm; Symptoms of Ringworm Epilepsy it is thought that some aromatherapy oils can trigger epilepsy. So it is best to check with your GP that it is OK for you to have a massage. If it is fine. Then have a massage without the use of essential oils. Massage with the carrier oils Coconut, Grapeseed and Almond oil can be lovely. The first trimester of pregnancy The first trimester is around 3 months, and massage is generally avoided then, unless the massage therapist is trained in pregnancy massage or has has had this training as part of her qualifications. Mary Baker is able to work with Reflexology and Aromatherapy massage in the early stages of pregnancy. If you would like a pregnancy massage specifically I do know a therapist who has this training give me a call and I will pass on her details. Deep vein Thrombosis Undergoing Chemotherapy An Operation in the last 12 to 18 weeks. Generally you will need sometime to recover after having an operation. Time for the wound to heal properly. So it’s best to leave having a massage for between 12 & 18  weeks depending on the size of the operation. If for example it’s been a major back operation you may want to leave it a little longer. Or if it’s a minor opp, 12 weeks should be plenty of time to wait.