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Deep Tissue Massage for Lower

Back Pain

22/10/14 Deep Tissue Massage can help with Lower Back Pain

How does lower back pain feel?

Lower back pain most often is caused by muscular strain or over work or even bad posture. It generally radiates in the lumber area and can sometimes travel all the way up to your mid back and or run down the back of your legs into your feet. It may manifest, making: It’s difficult to put your socks on in the morning Painful to bend forward Uncomfortable to sit down (it maybe more comfortable to stand depending on the muscle) Pain and stiffness in the lower groin area Pain may also be felt in the hip You’ve been told you have Sciatica, and nothing helps Pain when standing upright Pain in the area of the sacrum

Causes lower back pain

Lifting heavy or awkward items such as bags of cement or moving couches Over doing an exercise class such as aerobics Sitting at a computer for long periods of time, sitting slightly twisted Working in the garden Having a traffic accident Sitting all day for example driving for long periods of time Putting the vacuum cleaner around or sweeping the patio You fell skiing a year or so ago and it hasn’t felt right since

The muscles involved in Lower Back Pain

When these muscles knot up, (have trigger points) they can send pain to the lower back area. Muscles that often refer pain to the lower back are: Gluteus Medius Psoas Deep spinal muscles Superficial spinal muscles Quadratus Lumborum Gluteus Maximus Rectus Abdominus Soleus

How many massages will I need?

It depends on: How long you have had lower back pain - the earlier you can get a massage the better. The tension will become less entrenched. How painful it is - the more painful it is the more gradual the massage - as the massage needs to be as comfortable as possible, Mostly its just one or two sessions But remember everyone is different and treatment will be specific to you.