Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Oviviennen Saturday I did the manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage course with Gateway workshops in Yeovil. It’s such a light and gentle massage soooooo different to the Deep Tissue and Sports Massage that forms the majority of my work. The pressure is really really light, aiming to go only 1 mm in depth. It was really hard to hold back. 🙂

Of course when we are training we get to practise on each other, which was fabulous. I was out like light it’s just so relaxing.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is good for working with Oedema, especially after surgery where Lymph nodes may have been removed and particularly for post-mastectomy therapy to reduce Oedema and Fibrosis and relieve pain and tension.

It’s also good to help your immune / lymphatic system when you are repeatedly going down with colds etc.

For more details about this wonderful massage check out my Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Page

Take it easy 🙂

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